Send a payment link

It is easy to send a payment link

by email, text message or

QR-code from your call center.

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Secure solution

Payment via an e-mail link.

A secure solution for you and

for your customer.

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Partial payments

Make a plan for partial payments

and let PayByLink take care of

the settlement.

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Send SEPA mandates

PayByLink already has a technical

integration with Twikey. Add a few

settings and you are ready to send 

your mandates.

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Direct debit collection

PayByLink helps you with the

automatic collection of direct debits

via the bank or via a credit card.

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Multi Channel

Multi channel or multi device

payments are made easy

with PayByLink.

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Own corporate identity

Creating your own email templates

using your corporate identity will

increase your customers trust.

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Mail multiple addresses
Mail multiple addresses

Import an Excel sheet and

send your emails to a large

amount of email addresses.

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Multilanguage backoffice
Multilanguage backoffice

Bienvenue, Herzlich wilkommen,

Welcome or Welkom. Choose your

preferred language in the backoffice!

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Work in an automated way via API

Send transactions, direct debits 

and mandates automatically.

All functions are available

in 1 API.

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GDPR data protection

In PayByLink you can indicate

when you want automatic

data anonymization to take place.

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Payment methods

Your benefits

  • Customers pay faster
  • Leading PSPs
  • Support for most payment methods
  • Direct debits & SEPA mandates
  • Easy integration
  • Communicate in your corporate identity

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