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“It saves us 250 hours a year!”

“When we send out a set of policies in the morning, along with a payment link for the premium, we see the first payments come in within seconds. That's why we love using it so much. It really adds value for our customers," says Michael Boon of

Since 2007, has offered customers the opportunity to compare and take out insurance policies directly. “We offer almost all types of non-life insurance, from car insurance to home contents, fire and travel insurance. Both to individuals and companies. The insurance world is generally very conservative. Many insurers still send an invoice with giro collection form. We think that is old fashioned. We want our customers to be able to pay their premium immediately, with one click,” Boon continues. “It is precisely because of digitization that we can do the work with 15 people.”

Save time and PayByLink have been working together for some time. “PayByLink has already helped us with all direct payments of the various premiums. We use iDEAL for this, mainly because in certain cases a premium has to be paid before the insurance takes effect. We are talking about a lot of payments here, so we were looking for a solution to make that process faster and easier,” explains Boon. Previously this was done manually; different systems and email were linked, but all kinds of manual actions had to be taken. “PayByLink has now set up a new MPOS application for us. Simply log in, choose the right insurance, enter the premium amount and send it off. That's all. This saves us 250 working hours per year!”

Perfect setup

“The system is extremely user-friendly, even for employees who work with it sporadically.” The setup in the background is perfectly arranged, says Boon. “In addition, we don’t want our email to end up in the spam filter. PayByLink has taken care of that as well. The platform also has an automatic reminder system, which also saves us a lot of work. And there is much more possible with the MPOS solution. We are still looking into that, but it depends on various factors.”


Boon has nothing but good words about the collaboration. “The implementation went well. This is partly due to good communication. If there was anything at all, PayByLink was immediately available. My issues were important enough for them to start working on it right away. That is very important to me.”

Do you want to know how our MPOS solution can help your organization to process direct payments faster and more efficiently? Please feel free to contact us, or read the stories of our customers.



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