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Work in an automated way via API

You can work with the PayByLink platform in an automated way and send transactions, direct debits and mandates automatically. All these functions are available in 1 API. 

The only thing you have to do is to create an API user in PayByLink, submit a password for authentication and let PayByLink know which IP addresses are being used for communication. After this you will be ready to work with PayByLink in an automated way.

The API call log displays the API calls

The API functionality has a API call log. This log displays the date and time of the API request, the user name of the API user and the IP address. You may also want to consult this logfile in case of an error.

API for searching payments based on (a part of) an Order-ID

Description Mandatory
entityKey The key of the entity for which the search takes place  Yes
orderId The (part of) the order id for which payments are searched Yes (minimal 5 characters)
exactSearch True = Find the EXACT order id (default)
False = Find an order id containing the submitted value 

No (default = True)

getChildPaymentsToo True = Also search in payments of which this entity is the 'parent' entity
False = Search only within this specific entity
No (default = False)
getPspPayments True = Also return  the PSP payments of the payments found
False = Do not return the PSP payments
No (default = False)
getApiParameters True = Also return the API parameters of the payments found
False = Do not the API parameters
No (default = False)
dateFrom The creation date based on which the search has to start
Format: 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm'
No (default = 6 months back)
dateTo The creation date on which the search ends
Format: 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm' (max. 6 months after dateFrom')
No (default = 'now')

This call will return all payments only for the account with the entity key ‘8f9e8dad-530a-4dd7-9e95-a865f1fb5994’ that contain the value ‘12345’ in the order id:

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