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Send a payment link to multiple email addresses

You can send a payment link to mulitple email addresses by uploading an existing Excel spreadsheet (version 2007 or later) with 1 or more transactions. Since PayByLink is using the column headers of your spreadsheet, please feel free to use any column order to like. 

You can upload your spreadsheet manually or automate this activity by (s)-FTP. The number of transactions/MBs is unlimited in case of an automated upload. Should you wish to upload your file manually, than you can upload 5000 transactions/3MB maximally. This has to do with the timeframe in which the Excel file is being read.

Batch functionality can be combined with all transaction types, whether it is a fixed payment, a variable payment, a partial payment or a mandate. Per batch you can indicate when the payments need to be sent, when they expire and which email template should be used.

To know which payment links have been processed, you can consult the batch reports. Or download a log file with all data.

Use mapping functionality for correct linking between Excel and PayByLink

Many backoffice systems can produce a .csv or a comma delimited file. These files, however, have a standard layout. In order to take care of correct linking between the fields in your spreadsheet and the system fields in PayByLink, we use mapping functionality. The mapping functionality makes a translation of the header names of your Excel file to the field names needed by PayByLink to create a payment link. In addition to uploading the Excel file, a one-time mapping must be made, before the mails with the payment links can be sent.

All fields from your Excel file can be used in the email that is going to be sent, on the condition that these fields are linked via the mapping functionality. This works similar to merging a file in Word.

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