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Direct debits

Let PayBylink collect your direct debits

Direct debits are transactions initiated by a merchant towards a bank or credit card company without the intervention of the customer. PayByLink allows you to automatically collect amounts via a bank or credit card company.

Automatic direct debit collection via the bank

In case you use the option to collect amounts via the bank, than you will need a bank mandate. The merchant first has to take care of an approval/a mandate from the customer, after which transactions can be processed. In case debt arises, the amount can be sent via PayByLink for collection at the bank. 

Amounts can be collected via the dasboard, via a batch or via an API. And in the event something goes wrong a mail with a link can be sent. 

Automatic direct debit collection via a credit card

In case you prefer to collect direct debit amounts via a credit card, first you have to take care that the Payment Service Provider knows the link between the customer number and the credit card number (tokenization). This means that the first payment needs to take place via the Payment Service Provider. 

The actual transactions are charged on the credit card and will be available in the dashboard, via a batch or via an API. PayByLink sends amounts to the Payment Service Provider without the card number.

In conclusion, to be able to collect direct debits via a credit card you need:

  • PayByLink
  • check out functionality (PSP) able to handle tokens 
  • a VISA/Mastercard contract from an acquirer or from a payment service provider
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