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Email & Payment link

Send an email and payment link via the callcenter module or via an API

How does PayByLink make this possible:

  1. Email with payment link is generated
    PayByLink generates an email from the cloud. This email is combined with your look & feel settings, your own logo, email texts and contact details. In the 'cloud' you may create unlimited different email templates in different languages. Use your corporate identity for customer communication combined with the correct subsidiary contact details.

  2. Email with payment link is sent
    Your email is sent to the email address by a professional mailprovider. During this process PayByLink will receive the status e.g. sent, delivered, or a bounce. This information will be displayed in your dashboard.

  3. Customer receives email with payment link
    The email is displayed correctly in all email software (Outlook, Gmail, etc.). The customer trusts the email because it contains the company logo, contact deatils, invoice number, description and the correct amount. As sender ‘[email protected]’ is used, but if you like and are able to deploy the correct SPF-records (to prevent blacklisting) it is also possible to use a company specific email address. 

  4. Customer clicks the payment link and the payment page will be displayed
    When the customer clicks the link, the browser automatically starts and the customer lands on the PayByLink welcome page. This page is designed in the look & feel of your company and has your own screen texts, invoice and contact details. The PayByLink pages will adjust to fit the size of the device (responsive design) and the customer can make a selection from the offered payment methods.

  5. Payment
    Depending on the selected payment method, PayByLink will send the customer to the correct payment provider for a secure completion of the payment. The payment screen will adjust to fit the screen of the device (depending on payment provider). 

  6. Return after payment
    Your customer will be returned by the payment provider to the PayByLink landing page. Just like the welcome page you are able to design the look & feel of this page with your company logo, screen texts (success, cancelled etc.).

  7. Dashboard
    PayByLink will receive a transaction status update from your payment provider which will be displayed in your dashboard. 
email payment request
email payment request with buttons
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