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Partial payments

PayByLink send the correct mails with payment links in case of partial payments

In some sectors it is common practice to pay in installments. This is the case for custom orders. For some products, such as kitchens, deposits can be placed or payments can be done in installments (subscriptions). In these cases you have to deal with a considerable administrative burden. PayByLink can help you with the settlement by sending the correct e-mails with a payment link to your customers at the correct time.

In PayByLink you can make your own payment plan. In this plan you can define:

  • the number of installments
  • the distribution in % or in fixed amounts
  • the expiration date
  • the e-mail template to be used 
  • the payment methods to be linked

You can also activate an option that allows your customers to pay free amounts or pay in full. Based on the settings in the plan, PayByLink will take care of the settlement at the scheduled moments. You do not have to worry about it anymore.

Should your customer pay more than the specified partial payment, PayBylink will recalculate the number of remaining installments and will automatically send a new mail with a payment link for the unpaid installments AND, if necessary, PayByLink will adjust the amount. 

How you want to be informed of the payment status is up to you

The backoffice will display the payment status of each partial payment next to an overview of all installments and the payment status. You will be able to see whether multiple installments were paid simultaneously, whether they have been skipped and/or if the amount of the first installment due has been adjusted. In addition to this overview in the back office, relevant information can be sent back by mail, API or FTP-server.

Integration of flexible partial payment plans

If you have multiple partial payment plans in your own systems, you can send these individually via an API and PayByLink will process them. In case your systems do not support partial payment plans yet, you can also create the partial payments in PayByLink and send a parameter request. In doing so you do not have to build the partial payment plans yourself. 

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