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Payment link

Use the payment link in your own emails

Email templates and text message make it easy to start working with PayByLink. If you wish to take care of the communication yourself, you only need the payment link!

A customer has completed a hotel reservation and an existing system is taking care of the email communication. There is no need for the customer to get a second/separate email for the payment of this booking, there are two options available for you to combine this information in just one simple message: 

  • Call center
    You enter a transaction in the call center dashboard and select  ‘Do not send’. As a result the payment link will be displayed in a pop-up screen, allowing you to copy the link into your own email or to another system.
payment link with QR code
  • API
    Another option is to automatically sent transactions to PayByLink. The platform will convert the transactions in short URLs and will return these short URLS online/realtime to your systems.  
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