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SEPA mandates

Send your SEPA mandates via PayByLink

If you would like to work with mandates via PayByLink, you first need a contract with Twikey (mandate service provider). Additionally you have to obtain a SEPA-mandate contract with your bank, after which most of the work is done, since PayByLink already has a technical integration with Twikey. You only have to enter a few settings and you can send mandates via PayByLink.

Mandates can be made in three ways. You can do this from the dashboard via a batch or via an API. The customer will thereafter receive a mail with a link to the Twikey platform to issue a mandate. 

Depending on the type of customer, there are two types of mandates available in PayByLink:

  • CORE - Business to Consumer - with refund right
  • B2B - Business to Business - no refund right

Get a digital signature for a SEPA-mandate via PayByLink

For a mandate you need a digital signature. In PayByLink there are two possibilities to obtain such a signature:

  1. Have the mandate signed as a digital contract. This can be done with a banktoken, which is the way iDEAL is getting the signature. You can do the same. The signature is then set with a 0-Euro cent amount.
  2. Charge the first amount immediately when issuing the mandate at Twikey. In this case both the mandate approval and the payment are taken care of. 

Twikey provides mandates for all of Europe and supports different ways of signature setting:

  • set digital signature in the official way by means of an iDEAL transaction
  • e-ID (Belgium)
  • using the mouse
  • 3D Secure (using e.g. VISA or Mastercard password)
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