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Status updates

Select how you would like to receive status updates from PayByLink

It is up to you to decide how you want to receive status updates of your payments. There are several possibilities:

  • login to the dashboard
  • conditional settings to the e-mails
  • system update via API (merchant himself needs to build functionality to read and process the status in his own database)
  • via FTP-server

Select the format in which you would like to recieve the status updates

When receiving responses via FTP server or via a system update via API, you can select the format (which fields) you would like to be included. You can indicate:

  • Type
    - FTP-server
    - REZExchange/Amadeus
    - to user secured environment

  • Moments
    The moments on which you would like the response to be sent. 

  • Values
    Fields values/fields you would like to be sent.

Parallel status updates for FREE

Status updates for each transaction can be done in a parallel proces by mail, API, FTP for FREE.

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