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Templates and Look & Feel

Create your own email templates

PayByLink allows you to create your own email templates and to customize your communication, in various languages.

Efficient email template examples:

1. Open invoices

  • Request to send an invoice
  • First reminder
  • Second reminder
  • Final reminder
  • Announcement of collection process

2. Transaction origin 

  • A hotel room reservation originating from
    - Media campaign
  • Specific campaigns
    - Theater tickets for a special event
    - Performances resulting from specific promotional campaigns
  • Customized procedures
    - Customized invoice with separate payment 
    - Special order, for which a payment by direct debit is not possible  
    - Foreign customers with a need to pay by credit card

Personalise your texts

Whilst sending the email template you can add text or make changes in the template text* and thus personalise your email containing your payment link.
* This feature can be switched on/off and prevents your employees to make changes to the text or make textual errors.

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