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Create payment / eMandate links
Manual entry, including upload of PDF-attachment
Manual Excel upload & smart mapping (including PDF-attachment URL) (1)
API, FTP, S-FTP & smart mapping (including PDF-attachment URL) (1) X
Fixed amounts
Variable amounts (2)
Partial amounts  (2)
eDCC-support  (3)
eMandates (4)
eMandates with first payment (4)
Automatic reminders based on transaction or expiration date/time
Flexible expiration date/time per link
Delivery of payment / eMandate links
Manual cut/paste of link (to send out yourself)
Integrated email templates of PayByLink
Text message (SMS) sent by PayByLink
Embedded in QR-code
Real time/online payment workflow (PSP-flow) X
Status updates
By email, API, FTP, S-FTP (5)
Specify independent parallel updates based on statuses
Flexible format of callback fields (5)
Update payment status or abort transaction by merchant to PayByLink
Back Office
Reporting, selection, download of statuses
Logs of statuses per payment / eMandate
Statistics on volumes, currencies, sources, payment methods
Manual resend payment/eMandate link
Own look & feel (bitmaps, fonts, colors) and contact details
Upload of your own formatted email source code (6)
Support of international characters/diacritics (UTF-8 encoding) (7)
Created unlimited template selectable by language/template name
Setup of departments
Link different departments/entities under one main account (8)
Create one look & feel and contact details for all entities or per entity 
Use templates on main level or specify per entity
Volume based pricing on all created links within all entities (9)
One Payment Service Provider for all entities or specify own PSP per entity (10)
One invoice for all entities or specify own invoice per entity
Manual creation of user profiles
Support of "forgotten passwords"
Automatic password renewal procedure
Specify authorization rights per user
Link users to one entity or multiple entities (including different authorization rights)
Manual or automatic blocking of user accounts based on bad logins
IP restrictions back office (login)
Payment Service Provider
No additional set-up fees for available integrated Payment Service Providers (11)
Select one Payment Service Provider for all or multiple Payment Service Providers
Payment methods
No additional set-up fees for available payment methods (11)
Option for different Payment Service Provider selection per payment method
Daily scanned for PCI/DSS
Secure external worldwide hosting provider
Secure external mail provider
Secure external text message (SMS) provider

1. Access needed for PayByLink to download the PDF (and add PDF to email with payment link as attachment).
2. For manually created payment links, schedule is taken from back office. With API flexible per transaction.
3. Depending on the Payment Service Provider (PSP), acquirer and payment methods (like Visa/MasterCard).
4. Different authentication methods available depending on the Mandate Service Provider (MSP).
5. Flexible format of status updates possible by selecting corresponding parameters.
6. Merchant is responsible for correct functioning and responsiveness of the emails.
7. Language at payment pages of Payment Service Provicer (PSP) is different per PSP.
8. Pricing (setup & monthly) is per activated entity.
9. Number of payment links per month directly reflects the price in the corresponding tier.
10. Need for an additional PSP account is different per Payment Service Provider.
11. Additional Payment Service Providers and/or payment methods can be implemented. Request pricing by PayByLink.


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