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PayByLink is flexible and supports payment dynamics in each branche

Each branche has its own payment dynamic and therefore needs different payment solutions. PayByLink offers you the possibility to use different features which fit the needs of your organisation. 

  • Call Centers
    When transactions are being initiated from the call center quite often PCI/DSS (security) issues arise and the offering of payment methods is limited to credit cards. Use PayByLink in industries like hospitality, air liners, theaters, mail order shops.

  • Wholesale
    In Business-to-Business (B2B) invoice relationships (with or without automated collection) are widely accepted. Many processes are using alternative procedures and invoices cannot be processed in existing systems. Especially for these transactions PayByLink offers specially adapted email texts, perfectly completed by the PDF-attachment and online payment methods. 

  • Utility companies, collecting agencies, magazines and bailiffs
    In case of monthly invoices, mandates (SEPA direct debits) are often used. When invoices remain unpaid, an email or text payment link can easily be used to request payment as yet. The flexible email templates of PayByLink allow you to easily create different email texts for first reminders, final reminders until the transfer of the claim to a third party.

  • Government
    Many governmental services like municipalities perform services that require payments in advance (like building codes) or (partial) post payments (taxes).

  • E-Commerce
    Open invoices or redirections can be followed up by PayByLink. By connecting your webshop to PayByLink (which is possible with the same interface already used for your payment service provider) you can use our platform.

  • Parkings
    Post payments for parking fees by email or text? This is possible with PayByLink. If you use extra fields in the interface, PayByLink will also combine date, license plate, start and endtime information in the email.
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