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Ready for international business

Regardless of your country of origin, or the country of your customer, you are ready for international business with PayByLink:

  • Contact details
    Each subsidiary can display its own specific contact details including address, zipcode, city, country and (inter)national phone numbers.

  • Screen and email texts
    The PayByLink platform supports UTF-8 encoding. This allows you to use standard western languages with our without diacritics (like é, å and ë) and/or special characters and send your texts in Polish, Russian or even Slavic languages.

  • International payment methods
    PayByLink is connected to international payment service providers like Ingenico (previously Ogone). You will have a wide selection of both national and international payment methods. Combine local payment methods like iDEAL, GiroPay or BanContact/Mr.Cash with international payment methods as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal up to digital payment methods like Bitcoins!
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